National Consultative Youth Forum

"Towards a Greater Future"  

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Our system is chock-full of corps of brilliant, dedicated and scholarly minded youths and whiz-kids who are eager to experience dynamic changes in the operation of things in our country. It is this evolutionary concept that has brought about the birth of the National Consultative Youth Forum (NCYF), in basic pursuance of the provisions of Chapter IV (Fundamental rights) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which demands the involvement of all of us as equal partners in the task of nation building and restoring sanity to our society.


The National Youth Policy of Nigeria (February 2001), outlines sets of obligations to define the participation of the youths in the collective task of improving the living and working conditions of the Nigerian people, to which we are committed as a class of NCYF members to the promotion and defense of democracy and civility in the governance of the country and in interpersonal relations with fellow human beings and citizens by:

v      Eschewing ethnic and religious bigotry

v      Promotion of the principles of gender equality

v      Active involvement in the promotion of national unity, national reconciliation, peaceful co-existence and good neighborliness.

v      Strive to be actively involved in decision making on matters that affect us.

v      Be good ambassadors of Nigeria abroad, and to promote international peace and harmony.