National Consultative Youth Forum

"Towards a Greater Future"  


The abstraction of the style of politicians has not helped in any way to move our country forward, keeping our people, especially the youths in absolute abulia, thereby leaving no room for advancement but having negative option to cling to, like political thuggery, armed robbery, drug trafficking, militias, etc. Thus, the National Consultative Youth Forum (NCYF) is taking a bold step in the right direction to do the following:

Ø       Mass mobilization of the Nigerian Youths to defend and protect democracy and democratic structures as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ø       To provide a forum the sensitization of our young men and women to shun election thuggery and other social ills.

Ø       To encourage youths, especially the females to vie for political offices or appointments in the country, to enable them contribute meaningfully to national development.

Ø       To promote and encourage youths to be patriotic, responsible and creative citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ø       To promote transparency, accountability, and to shun corruption at all levels of our social life.

Ø       To promote gender equality amongst the Nigerian youths.

Ø       To encourage and promote democratic values and good governance

Ø      To provide employment opportunities for our youths and encourage self employment schemes as a basis for financial independence.