National Consultative Youth Forum

"Towards a Greater Future"  


We dominate the entire landscape of the Nigerian society. We constitute 75% of the Nigerian population 75% of us cannot be wrong.

Our mission is to harness the dynamism and creative energies of Nigerian Youths for sustainable national development.



The National Consultative Youth Forum (NCYF) is a body that gives a Leeway to the Nigerian youths, who are leaders of tomorrow, to harness the works of the past and present to focus on the agenda of tomorrow, as we are quite obvious of the gale of change in the 21st century.


According to Sidney Bremer, “Whatever you wish that you are, for such is the force of the human will joined to the divine that whatsoever you wish to be seriously and with a true intention, that you eventually become”. The NCYF has got a mission to rid our society of prevalent vices and contagious eccentricities which are almost turning into norms in our days. We seek to achieve a “spick and span” human environment free from violence, thuggery, perjury, forgery, abortion, stealing, executive deceit and lawlessness and other accompanying societal “diseases”.


We provide information and education against preventable and communicable diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, to which the youths are among the most vulnerable. History will be made or marred depending on the choices we make today and the decisions and practical steps we take for the continuity, glory and sustenance of our nation Nigeria. Posterity will engrave our activities either in good or bad light depending on our present works.


Henry Matthew Thorequ says: “If one walks confidently towards the direction of one’s dream, one soon meets with success unexpected in common hours”.  In the NCYF, our mission is our vision and if our mission is our vision, our vision will always remain our mission. We believe it is time to critically dissect the plethora of difficulties starring us in the face and positively make advancements to devise means to serve them. Our concern therefore is the Nigerian polity. We will give it all that it genuinely takes to rebuild our nation because “what is worth doing”, as the saying goes, “is worth doing well”, and whatever is well done is definitely worth doing.